Review by Adrienne Jones on Sonserria Coates

Sonserria is truly a servant leader, and one who truly has a love for people. She is God-fearing, and a force to be reckoned with. She never ceases to amaze me with how she perseveres through the different trials that she has faced in her life, and how she does it with a smile on her face, love in her heart, and a will to never give up. I admire, and respect her whole-heartedly. She is very passionate, and honest. She is a dedicated leader, and always there whenever you need her. Regardless of whatever she won't let a roadblock stop her from reaching her goals, but she will redirect, and refocus, in order to get there, but she does this with the highest level of integrity. She is truly a go-getter, and someone that will truly touch this world.

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