Review by Aksel Sindre Farstad on OneCoin – OneLife

I love the leadership in this company and the vision. Amazing number of top earners. People do not need to be good in marketing for earn money from mining OneCoin. They can be just miners, create their own money or they can also share opportunity with others. Dr Ruja and Pierre Arens is very impressive leaders. I will never do any other company. This is the best company for me. I love numbers and centralized cryptocurrency with KYC.
There is a lot of negative written about this company by competition hiding behind false names and writing false information. I have proof of this is legit. All you need for see that is knowledge and that is what this is all about. OneLife educate members in One Academy. We are part of a big eco system here. It is about so much more than create our own currency. This is about making the world a better place. Banking the unbanked. Banking service without banks with very low fee open a world of possibility for poor people. OneLife changes peoples life. They changed mine. I am so thankfull for this opportunity and I did grab it with both hands. I mentor future leaders, future top earners.

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