Review by Alecia Tomasek on Bellame

Melissa Thompson is the most caring , genuine, warm hearted woman I have ever met. She pours into our company and treats her very single one of us like family.
She respects us and loves us for who we are , flaws and all. She pushes us to grow as individuals and is there to support us if we fall.
To her we are not just another number . She takes the time to get to know us personally. She recognizes our accomplishments and she is there whenever we need her . She is grace and the true definition of class.
She is the type of person that when she walks into a room the energy just lights up . She is always willing to hear our ideas or listen To our stories.
Not to mention she’s a true genius when it comes to the industry and creating products that are like none other .

I’ve been in social networking for over 3 years …. because of Melissa , I found my home. Bellame

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