Review by Alexis Craig on LuLaRoe

Lularoe was great in its hay day but alas even a year after I left (due to over $1,000 worth of “non refundable” damaged goods FROM the manufacturer and 2 “missing” orders of over $3,000 worth of products, they were never sent and Lularoe still cannot provide tracking numbers) we just received a new 1099 from 2016 with an add $134,000! We have lawyered up and contacted the IRS. We sent the 1099 I received back in 2016 to prove we filled our taxes properly. I wish I could put this company behind me everyday. Do not waste your time and money. I know a few ladies make money but if you aren’t dedicated to long hours selling live and can dedicate hours on hold with customer service then this is not the company for you. Good luck to all who were just served the “new” 1099s…

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