Review by Alicia M Dabney/ thebosslish on iGenius

My Journey for the last year has been mind blowing in this company. So I thought i was just paying for the University I love learning new skills and the fact that i could learn at my own pace was idea for my life. Once I got into the office and seen all the value I was blown away I didn’t know it was like a college setting with live classes so I could ask for help. Then we had a 24 hour chat with 3000 people in it all over the world to help with anything I was like ok this is way more then I could ever image. A year later and I’m still here using this platform but now I have the most amazing skill set that I can take anywhere with me for life. Knowing what is going on in our economy was something i never really understood but now after learning how to analyze and leveraging research life has truly changed. Forever grateful for IGENIUS.

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