Review by Allison Nepomuceno on iGenius

This platform has changed my life. My mindset has improved, my knowledge has grown. There has been no other company that cares so much about winning as a team! No one gets left behind. Everyone is included and feels welcome. Doesn't matter who your mentors are, everyone helps in some shape or form. Just the events and the campaigns they plan for everyone on a consistent basis just shows how much they are trying to equip us for our futures! This company is only going to grow and become better with each year. I am here for it 100%!

With this being an EDUCATIONAL platform, you are getting so much more knowledge than you would ever get from a 4-year degree. Real marketable skills! Skills that you can literally take anywhere! Would you rather pay out 80 grand for a degree only to possibly not enter that field, or spend a about 2 grand to make that same 80 grand back within those 4 years? I think the math is pretty simple here as long as you actually put in the same amount of work as you would during those same four years.

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