Review by Allison Toomer on Brian Roberts

I’ve known Brian his whole life. He’s a highly motivated person and strongly believes in doing what’s best for the improvement of others. Let’s grow together has been an ingrained resignation for as long as he has been in business. Brian introduced me to Neumi when I noticed an increase in his energy level and asked him to please send me some. I tried it and began journaling my results. Day 3 I woke up before my alarm and noticed that evening that I hadn’t needed a nap! Day 5 I decided it’s time to go ahead and write my review. My energy level has increased and my mind is clearer. I will continue to document my journey because I have been suffering with chronic pain and lack of energy for years sometimes needing 2 naps a day. It’s a beautiful thing to not only have energy to stay awake but an improved clarity of mind.

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