Review by Amanda Chapman on Le-Vel

I have been thriving for nearly 4yrs now and can’t live without it! It’s changed my life for the better, emotionally, mentally and physically. The products are mind blowing, my favourite is the wearable premium nutrition 24×7! The products just work and they work FAST! From energy to fat loss, digestion, sleep, cbd skincare, focus, fat grabbing beverage, kids nutrition supplements and a new energy drink coming soon that works at the cellular level with NO STIMULANTS! I could go on and on lol.
I love the fact it’s free to join. Cloud based and The support as a promoter is fantastic in our UK team. Incredible new products and technologies are being released frequently. I can’t recommend it enough. I love earning credits towards products as well as earning cash, we can also pass those credits onto our personal customers and promoters!

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