Review by Amantay Assanov on LiveGood

Good afternoon! My name is Amantai Asanov, and I am one of the partners of the LiveGood company. If you are looking for a review about this company, you have come to the right place.

On the day of the company's recall, 5 months have passed since entering the international market. Marketing is unique and fresh – the company is a product.

Now there is a powerful community construction going on here, the earnings are very good, they pay weekly and monthly, there are obligations, under certain marketing conditions, namely up to $ 2,000 monthly. There is a check from the check, there are many bonuses. There are 6 ways to make money in total.

The products themselves are already widely known in Europe. And the trick of the company is that these products can be bought 75% cheaper, since there are no margins on the product itself! For those who have teams. this company is a real treasure trove. For those who are passive – a recommendation to activate membership in the club for a year. More detailed information can be obtained by writing to me in telegram:

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