Review by Amarjeet K Dhillon on Opulence Global

I joined In 11th March 2016 in Canada, Calgary then was known as GWT. We were doing luxury fashion then.
In 2018 we rebrand as Opulence Global
We are One Stop Shop. Fashion, Beauty and Health.
I am very proud to be Opulence Global partner.
Been supported by my husband when I first stared this business and in 2018 I packed my bags to went back to my home town call Singapore.
I could proudly say I never missed out Monthly Global Revenue Sharing when our CEO Ramin introduced it. While qualifying for MGRS I got qualified as car program. Double Bonus for me.
I got my husband retired last year and he have joined me in Singapore. I am also a five figure income earner. I wouldn’t have achieved this without this amazing Platform created by our amazing CEO Ramin Mesgarlou. I am very grateful to him and definitely looking at higher milestones to build and working on longevity and generational wealth. To The Billion?

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