Review by Amber Buttigieg on iGenius

I have never felt so free and welcome into a community until I found this big family that support each other. iGenius has shown me and thought me so much that I wish I had found this opportunity before. I have learned that I can work from wherever I want whenever I want. I can make money through my phone with just a few clicks of a button.

I have joined only a few weeks ago and throughout these weeks I have learned so much that my mind is blown. The passion these people have to teach you is something you will not find anywhere else, it's one in a million. They will take hours of their time to plan and showcase their expertise so you can learn further and bring out the best in you. They motivate you and teach you from their mistakes so you can do better!

As a company they help you make a better life for yourself. This opportunity is one in which everyone must take the risk for! I want to help the company teach more people to change their lives gor the better ❤

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