Review by Amy Gabrielson on David and Carmen Abdo

Amazing leaders! Very good at communicating and goal oriented! They truly want their team to succeed! They serve the community and give back in numerous ways continuously helping!! Attitude of gratitude and always there for you and your team. They know the comp plan and how to succeed! Attention to details and always in the forefront of this amazing company. They are on zoom and what’s app to communicate with other team members. They attended the international convention and they are working their way to the top rank of senior presidential director, their team was also present at the International Convention in October 2023 and look forward to attending in an even bigger way in October 2024, which will be the 20th (Reunion) celebration of Lifewave. David and Carmen Abdo have what it takes to help you and team succeed and get to the top. I’m amazed every day by their amount of giving and how much they expand and help me all the time.They are looking forward to working with you and helping you and your team achieve your goals.

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