Review by Analyn Nafuran Tesorio on Atomy

* HEMO stands for HEMOglobin which means that every person who has blood needs HEMOHIM
* H stands for "hematopoiesis" (blood cell production)
* I stands for "Imunity" (immunity)
* M is "Modulation" (ability to suppress an immune that is too high or too low)
* HIM means power in Korean
* ++ refers to the many benefits of Hemohim
?‍⚕️Benefits of HEMOHIM
1. Strengthen the natural function of the immune system to fight various chronic diseases
2. Increase stamina for both sick and healthy people
3. Activation of NK cells – Natural Killer Cells are immune cells produced in the bone marrow to destroy harmful cells including cancer cells
4. Modulate white blood cells and red blood cells a Lupus sufferers who are advised to eat HEMOHIM because the immune system is too high)
5. Increased immunity
6. HEMOHIM helps improve skin beauty
7. It is highly recommended for those who often experience allergies
8. Patients who undergo chemotherapy because it helps fight pathogenic bacteria and viruses
9. Old, weak stamina and insomnia
10. For those who want to stay young.

Atomy HemoHim is a functional health supplement to awake your exhausted immunocytes. It is the best supplement to strengthen your immunity against cancer.

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