Review by Anastassiya Maximenko on Nazym Berdeyeva

A great sponsor, a wonderful leader, Nazim Berdeeva.
I am proud to be on a team with this person. Always on the wave of new trends in development, health and communication.
Nazym, copes well with the position of leader and is always ready to be a support for his wards.
At any moment of the day or night, you can call her, ask a question and be satisfied for her well-being. She will find a way out of any situation, guide in time, correct if mistakes are made, help break the deadlock, give an impetus to progress. She always has a smile and a glow on her face, which gives her an inherent motivation and desire to strive for the best. I like her approach to business and the enthusiasm with which she charges us.
With Nazym, you can go to the mountains and swim in a stormy river, she is the first who will give a hand and give a gift. We have a lot of new ideas and plans for the development of the company outside our republic. I believe in their implementation in the near future.

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