Review by Angela Shaffer on GiraCoin

Apparently we realize there’s some hidden part people are new to which is crypto insurance and security. Basically getting protected against any future malicious attacks or coin theft . Highly valuable crypto holding should be treated like properties that are insured and well protected by Legal backing . I can confidently tell I’ll never lose again to coin theft or any form of asset liquidation.
I was also hacked back in March, my Metamask wallet got compromised. managed to recover part of the funds although it came at a cost…you can protect your seedphrase or private keys and still get hacked .
Report to local authorities and to the IC3 (FBI) and try to find some good crypto law firm (never use any kind of recovery company), the best ones I found are Coinwalletsec101 on telegram. After my last experience with Axie Infinity NFT/token loss . I lost a fortune .. but lessons have been learnt never to get burnt twice or ever again. Instead I hire The team that consists of trustworthy Crypto Legal advisors , blockchain devs, web3 cybersecurity defense experts to protect and insure all my asset
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