Review by Anička Jirsová on Kristýna Hergesell

Kristyna is a very ambitious girl and person with heart on the right place. She is the TOP leader in Czech Republic and I believe that in few months she will achieve with her team the big goals and unbelievable things 🔥🔥🔥with project Ultron&Mavie💎. I am really gratefull to be a part of her team, because of the energy ,kindness, motivation and people, who are not only colleagues but also friends for the rest of life 💕
She teaches every single person in our team to be better, to grow faster, to be stronger than day before.
I really appriciate her selflessness, kindness and showing and leading people to achieve their dreams .
If you want to change your life – learn from Kristyna, let her to lead you, make things what her said, listen her and you will see that dreams come true 🫶

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