Review by Anna Dabrowska on Agnieszka Veduta

Agnieszka is a great leader. Helping every coachable person to grow the business. I appreciate your effort in leading our team. Your energy is incredible and it has great impact on whole organisation. Great command skills and communication with several different people. You do a great job by leading by example. Highly focused on development.
You are excellent at providing the necessary structure, direction, and feedback to the team.
Agnieszka has strong leadership skills, she is effectively managing team and guiding them towards achieving our goals.
Always keeping us updated on what's going on with the company. Always on track. Your gratitude helps our team achieve the goals. You have so much valuable experience as a leader. You know how to handle difficult and uncomfortable situations like a pro!
It’s a pleasure to watch how you are working, leading by example. Thank you

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