Review by Anna May on Thuy Nguyen Le

I can't begin to express how grateful I am to have met Thuy. Before she introduced these skincare products to me, I would avoid as many events and outings as possible because my skin was horrible. Every product I've tried from Sephora and ulta didn't seem to work for me. I kept trying different products and changing my skincare routine to the point where I felt defeated. I almost gave up hope and then I met Thuy. She explained to me why it's so important to use good products and to understand what ingredients are in the products. Some ingredients cannot mix with others. Long story short – she was extremely knowledgeable and I gave it a shot. Now I have the best skin I've had in yeeaaarsss! Thuy is so amazing, such a boss and incredibly sweet. Thank you so much Thuy for changing my life! I literally get compliments everywhere I go now.

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