Review by Anne Brenda on Six Sigma Trade


I have joined this company 3 months ago with an investment package of 1,999$, I am getting ROI in my sigma ID 5 days a week, My first withdrawal was smooth and quick, within 2 days I got my withdrawed amount in my blockchain wallet, Then one day (2 months ago) I tried to withdraw my money then I saw a new withdrawal procedure using SIGMA EXPRESS CARD, the old withdrawal process using blockchain was gone, Then I contacted the support team, they told me that I have to apply for Sigma express card with a 50$ fee and that card will be delivered in 60 days. That means I can't withdraw my money until I got the sigma express card.
As per my information no member of this comapny has got the sigma expess card till now

Right now the only way to withdraw money is to convince someone to buy package, this way we can pay for a new package through our Sigma wallet using those stucked dollars and get money from the investor.

I am getting ROI on daily basis but I am UNABLE TO WITHDRAW my money.


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