Review by Anner Wang on YAKUAN ZHANG HORTERT

Teacher YaKuan Zhang
She is an excellent team leader. She helps the partners in the whole team, teaching them from purchasing Healy instruments to installation, to how to use the instruments, all-in-one service. Treating everyone is so amiable, teaching lessons hand in hand, from theory to practice. Who wouldn't love a leader like this? Teacher YaKuan Zhang led a Chinese team of nearly 4,000 people, and was promoted to senior vice president in a short period of time, allowing Healy instruments to enter thousands of households, allowing more and more people to understand this black technology product, and let their families All benefit! I am very honored to work and study with such a great leader. At the same time, I am even more glad that I chose to come to the team of teacher Yakuan Zhang, which made me the biggest beneficiary of Healy instruments!

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