Review by Anonymous on iGenius

Where should i start
Products that don’t really work because it goes against a lot of rules in trading – eg trading signals with such a high risk that people with small accounts risk more than 10 % of their capital
The elite package is a huge investment and a lot of times people leave out you can’t use the ai without further investing 1000$ into a crypto exchange
In Germany they market binary options and sell that which is prohibited and illegal by the BaFin
Then the new forex automation which is unregulated so also selling goods that are not licensed
Plus scam going on in the network space where people give their money to their enroller and they pay for them which goes against compliance
Last but not least a ceo that tolerates scam going on within their team of top leaders together with the corporate team
If you want to get into investing I’d highly recommend stay away from igenius
They switched their name 3 times in the past 8 years for a reason
And I got proof for everything I say

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