Review by Anton Florén on Marie Södergren

First of all, if you want something in life doesn’t matter what it is, you have to work hard for it. Many people know that but in the end of the day, nothing really happening. Marie is a strong women how know exactly to work for her and other in hers Bussnies goals. Marie took me under her wings and have and still helping me to grow and learn me new things to achieve my goals. To be able to work with Marie is just something I never will take for granted, someone like Marie don’t grow everywhere and what I mean with that is just how blessed I am to work and working with her. She is so strong, she teach me like a said new things the hole time it doesn’t matter if it private things or Bussnies stuff. This super women is so talented and have the most powerful mindset you can have! That is just a fact so nothing else can’t be said!

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