Review by Ari FAVORMAN Davis on Ncrease

Ncrease is truly a place I can call Home, because for the past year I have been thrown so many opportunities, and I’m Grateful for all of them but I could never call them home here in Ncrease I can focus on what I love to do and be passionate we are really in our own lane and we are in the Attracting Business not forcing Business.
When I joined Ncrease I never heard the Concept of Social Business or Knew what it meant to Be a Social Entrepreneur My mentor really shed light on it for me and opened my Eyes it really didn’t hit me till I was watching a YouTube video, and saw a ad pop up about the shoe sketchers btw I hate ads lol so this was a Big deal for me to sit and watch the ad basically talking about how when people buy a shoe they donate a shoe well guess what that’s social Business the business I’m in I started to scream, because I know the power in my hands with this and this is where I’m planting my Flag and calling Home!

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