Review by Arlene Evangelista on LiveGood

I joined about 10 companies in the last 30 years and barely made money in all of them, if i did make money it was because i reinvested the only big check I got But with LiveGood I only paid $49.95 and it keeps on giving back over and over again and I ranked up 2x in one month. I found my Home! Finally I KNOW I will succeed! My group is growing and going international, my team members are earning so retention is high the products are suoer awesone, effective and reasonably priced, and its just different over here! Finally, a company that truly gives back, that isnt price gouging, that isnt promoting ridiculous autoships, special deals with top leaders in other companies, nor encourages multiple stacked accounts that is not duplicatable. LiveGood is where the good people are at.

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