Review by Arno Balzer on Streakk

The founder Suki Chen is known from the regulatory area. He has served on numerous advisory boards in state-owned companies and some of the largest conglomerates for blockchain technology implementations. According to press reports, he is considered the third most influential Asian in the entire crypto space.

Suki Chen is passionate about blockchain technology, art and investing. He has advised and supported 5 successful blockchain projects and helped them raise over $600M USD.

But the rest of the team also consists of people with rank and name: You will find employees from Cardano, IBM, application managers from Uber, Ebay, Paypal, Mastercard Netflix, etc. These people have now joined forces for this project that, according to Yahoo News, the best crypto-earning platform.

In summary, from our Streakk experience, it can be said that the concept of this new platform actually offers opportunities that we have not seen in our years in the crypto sector. The returns are really impressive and we won't miss the passive income from the nodes.

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