Review by AROHA WARU on Mavie Global

Kia ora my name is Aroha Waru, I reside in Auckland NZ, and joined Mavie Global in March 2023. When I first joined I sat for a few months not really doing anything until around August. I've been working the business side of things since August and have decided that I'm all in! Im excited to see the launch of Lottoday next month Dec 2023 where we will be able to show the masses! that our system does indeed work all paid out via a smart contract. I have started to build out a team, and have set my own personal goal to reach diamond rank by August 2024. I have invested in a number of NFT's and im confident that my future for me and my whanau is going to be better one then it is right now. Its all about Generational Wealth for me, and i'm also diversifying my income! and have confidence in Ultron Blockchain Lottoday and Flipme who are partners with Mavie Global who provide us the products, NFTS which will literally make millionaires globally!

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