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Review by Asha Patel on Netsurf Network

1. Consumer needs and demands

We believe in developing a product solution for day-to-day problems faced by our consumers than making products in isolation. So, every single consumer who is buying our product is not merely buying the product but is actually buying a delightfully assured solution to his problem. Whenever consumer is buying Naturamore, he is not buying health care product but he is actually buying Good health, when a consumer is buying Herbs & More he is not buying personal care product but he is buying hope to look beautiful and similarly when a farmer is buying Bio-fit, he is not buying crop care product but he is buying assurance for better yield without harming the farm.

While developing any new product, We logically try to answer the two basic questions

1. Is there any need for this product?
2.Does it address problem of our consumers?

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