Review by Ashley R. on QSciences

Q Sciences will likely go out of business soon. Product delays, broken promises, shady financial freedom program and recent product safety allegations should be enough to warn any potential affiliate to proceed with caution. Q Sciences has no income statement, and has provided very questionable sales reports to the field. I won't get into all of the rumors, but a quick google search will provide all of the information that a person might need to make a good decision about whether or not to join.

Video of product safety allegations:

Video awarding Q Sciences as the 2nd worst fail of MLM in 2023:

There are countless articles and social media posts coming after Q Sciences for a myriad of claims.

Q Sciences has engaged in legal threats and collections activity against dozens of former ambassadors, in what could be viewed as a desperate attempt to remain in business. There is a convention coming up in March 2024, and it will be interesting to see if Q Sciences can make it to that event without dramatic changes.

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