Review by Asim Kumar Bandyopadhyay on QNet

1. I have to clear the doubt immediately, if any. So that this will not pull down to my journey.
2. Love or affection is not sufficient, I have to be committed.
3. I have to be passionate and committed through the journey.
4. Wish and dream are different. Wish will not work, rather I have to be a dreamer and keep burning desire

to make it happen.
5. I have to believe that my dreams will turn into reality.
6. I have to be committed with the system and up line.
7. I will stretch to keep my commitment and come out from comfort zone.
8. I have to accept the pain, negativity and rejections.
9. I will keep ownership and push towards the system.
10. I would not float with business rather get married to the business. I will adjust, accommodate, stretch in to the system like rubber band.

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