Review by Austin Menzi Moyo Snr on Crowd1

Crowd1 is the only 100% online Crowd marketing company that pays 80% of it's profits, from companies that sell digital products, to it's crowd.

Initially Crowd1's packages come with a valuable Real Estate training package that gains you access to an empowering business giving you free Crowd1 Rewards bigger in value that the money you paid for your package!

Monthly it pays long term residual income which consists 40% of the profits on the 15th of every month starting 15 May 2029.

Quarterly it pays the long term Crowd1 Rewards which is the other 40% of Profits. 20% profits is kept but the company for running expenses.

It offers 5 bonuses.
1. Long term monthly residual income above.
2. The streamline bonus allows you to claim free Crowd1 Rewards every Wednesday depending on your Streamline level..
3. The Education package bonus pays a binary with a ratio of 1:3 as one of your legs will get spill over points from your up-lines and 10% of those points translate to cash in Euros.
4. The matching bonus is the teaching bonus paying 10% up to the 5th generation.
5. Fear of Loss pays up to €3000 in 14 days.

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