Review by Bapu Babasaheb Khile on MI Lifestyle Marketing

Number one company in India…It has all types of products range like Aayurveda, Personal care, home care and Indiagro.Products are certified by AAYUSH MINISTRY OF INDIA. Company has own Education system which is called Harvest Success Academy…It has created lots of Leaders because of education system. We can make good carrier here..Company has very good TOP Management…All 5Ps are properly followed. Companies future planning is to provide pin to plain all products…The main vision is to become number one at all over the globe by 2025. i am associated with this company from last 3 years..Now I am doing full time this business as carrier…Direct selling is future of India.. Currently we have total 140000 crore turnover in 2020. It will be 64500 crore by 2025…Now only 2 crore people are doing Direct Selling in India…By 2025 25 crore people will part of direct selling ..

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