Review by Bartholomew Ogbe on Crowd1

Crowd1 is the place to be. The best decision i ever made in life is joining crowd1.

IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING WITH CROWD1 We are going places with crowd1 I advise its high time to jump on the moving train and stop procrastinating. What you will get when you make an investment to join Crowd1 will be educational training product on topics like:

Real Estate
Funding and Marketing
and more
You will also get access to platforms like:


For those that are unfamiliar with how the binary compensation plan works, here is a quick breakdown:

Binaries only have 2 legs (left and right)
You need to personally sponsor and maintain 1 person on your right and 1 person on your left leg to qualify for these commissions.
Binaries payout on the leg that has the least amount of volume or points
You must have at least a matching amount of volume on both legs for you to earn.
Binaries can be built down to unlimited depth.
Positions in the binary can be filled by direct or indirect sponsoring

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