Review by Beatrice H Adams on Tonya Joseph

There are many great things I could say about Tonya Mizelle Joseph. She is the kind of leader one should, both seek to follow and strive to become. Tonya is a visionary with a focus that's second to none. Her ability to bring balance to her business acumen by adding human warmth is amazing. It is evident that her team is a major part of her thought processes. She helps them grow and reach their goals of success. This team spirit extends well beyond Tonya's own personal team. I have witnessed on many occasions, Tonya willingly helping those who are not a member of her team when they reach out to her for help. She knew that she would not be financially compensated but she freely gives and loves helping people.
Tonya Mizelle Joseph is the embodiment of integrity. She has heart. Her leadership skills are impeccable. These together with her vast experience in the travel industry sets her apart. It is such a pleasure to know Tonya as business partner and friend.

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