Review by Becky Coyle on Noonday Collection

This Fair Trade and BCorp Company partners with 15 countries where artisans create handmade on trend jewelry, bags and accessories! Ambassadors in the US hold in home and virtual shows selling the beautiful pieces. Artisans are paid a fair wage, half up front when the order is placed. noonday Collection is truly making a difference in the US and the world! Three fourths of the artisans are women and many are in countries where women are disenfranchised. Each country uses natural resources to craft their pieces. In Ethiopia, spent artillery shells are melted down to make beads crafted into necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Many of the bags from Guatemala are hand loomed by women artisans. Ugandan artisans craft beads of many colors from paper. Artisans become entrepreneurs and through US ambassadors, are providing employment for those in their communities. Their communities are enriched, their children are fed and educated and they are given sustainable wages.

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