Review by Ben Dover on Schalk van der Merwe

Schalk is truly the master of the pyramid scheme, having several years experience scamming people with various multi level pyramid schemes – he does the van der Merwe Name proud, as an upstanding lowlife. If you have money, and are truly retarded, give it to Schalk, who will skillfully pretend to have your back, and say many big words, making him seem smart and knowledgeable, which in itself is impressive, as a boasts a mere double digit IQ. So in short, reptillian creatures have indeed inhabited centurion, they are slimy and creepy, and dishonest, and they want your money, and probably also to eat your Children, and they are all called Schalk van der Merwe. Schalk will suck you dry, like he did to his own parents, and leave you for dead…you have been warned, don't be a retard!

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