Review by Beth Taylor on Plexus Worldwide

I started out skeptical and quickly fell in love with not only three products but with being ABLE to function again. Until you can’t you have no idea what a blessing it is. Many say well reviews are mostly from ambassadors well yeah, why would we purchase retail if we can buy wholesale? That’s just crazy. But it doesn’t change that the products work IF you use them consistently and for more than 2 or 4 weeks.. your body is nit going to heal years of damage in a few weeks. Give it time, invest in yourself, use these as tools to be better and you will nit be disappointed. I personally dodnt like one product, i called had my refund in 48 hours, tax and shipping included. That sane product my cousin loved!! Use your 60 day back to tweak for your personal needs. Don’t expect overnight gut health, be realistic, and you will love what happens to you! This company has changed not only my life but quality of my life. MS no longer rules me, I rule it. Just a huge blessing to me and my family. Words can’t really describe it. Amazing and wonderful customer service also.

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