Review by Blaine Gabler on

I have been using Youth, Zlem, Plos and Bran for several months now and I can say without doubt I see and feel the difference. My overall health has improved as well as dropping a few pounds. I feel the bump I get in the mornings and it lasts for quite a while. No more energy drinks and no crashing. I have chronic back pain that has been debilitating at times. Using these products has also reduced the amount of pain I experience. Perhaps the Youth is helping with the joints and making things move better. It's the only thing that changed so I will put my faith in the fact that it works and keep taking it. I am a believer in the products for sure.

The other thing to mention is the new flavor of the Plos. It is absolutely awesome. Velovita did a fantastic job with this. Many Thanks for everything.


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