Review by Blaine Williams on Mitch Cantele

This is a leader with a vision who is dedicating to helping people with dreams. I have sat under some of the top leaders and trainers in Network marketing over the last several decades anjd Mitch Cantele takes 2nd seat to no one. I have found his quick wit, strong values and simple teaching style very inspiring and refreshing. As you consider a career choice with MPG Xtreme I would strongly recommend this Million Dollar Master Coach and Trainer.

Mitch has shown a commitment to both do it first leadership as well as servant style leadership. Do it first leadership. Mitch leads by example always doing exactly what he is teaches.
Servant Leadership. Mitch puts the goals of others ahead of his own. He personifies the words of the great ZIG Ziglar "You can evrything in life you want by simply helping enough others get what they want"

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