Review by Bob Johnson (Coach Bob) on Robert Hollis

Robert Hollis is a really great guy to have in any company. He makes a big difference wherever he works and helps the whole team do better. One of the best things about him is how willing he is to help others. He'll teach and guide anyone in the company, even if he doesn't get anything out of it. That’s pretty special and not something you see every day. On top of being awesome at his job, he's also a good family man, which says a lot about his character.

When Robert is around, you can feel the positive vibes. People are happier, work gets done better, and the whole place just seems to improve. He doesn't just look out for himself; he cares about everyone. He's the kind of mentor who helps you grow in your career and as a person. In short, having Robert Hollis on your team is like hitting the jackpot. He's good for the company, great for the people in it, and just an all-around amazing person to know.

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