Review by Brandon Vydelingum on M.Network

I had checked out of the industry until a good friend reached out and told me about this company, i am always open to listening. When i did i couldn’t understand how the comp plan was sustainable because it was somthing i had never seen before. So i made the choice to try out the products but not change a thing in my daily routine, in 3 weeks i had lost 20lbs my cognative function was through the roof energy levels were up and all round i felt amazing, better than i had done for about over a year. The transparency of this company core values and truly understanding that it is the field that makes the business with corporate having no ego was so refreshing that my wife and i decided to give it a go. Through running a true homebased business that we could actually run from home we grew our team, opened Europe rank advanced 5 times and won 2 trips the last being to Cabo San Lucas where it was all family and not biz. Advice: just take a look, try some samples, ask questions & if it’s a fit, Do it.

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