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If you don't believe my story, feel free to DM me on Instagram @brennanduncan, I will show you everything, and add you to our telegram group and you will be able to see everyone's results.

Entering iGenius I was completely new to forex and ONLY got my education from them. Fast-forward… I am now on a live account and in the past 48 hours, I am up $784.90…. not from network marketing, recruiting, or selling the product…

I made this simply from using the services. I thought to myself I must be an anomaly… So I decided to share it with a couple of my friends in England… and there are 6 of us now, and every single one of us is profitable…

Don't take this as if I am saying "join and make money with the services guaranteed"… I am not. I am simply just sharing my story…

Product companies… lookout… These service companies are about to take over this industry and iGeniusGlobal will be at the forefront.

(My account is funded with 5,000USD for anyone that was wondering) (All the people on my team are younger than me and are trading with 1000-1500GBP)

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