Review by Brian Mc Ginty on Karatbars

Which product can never be improved on and which compensation plan contains no forced purchases, subscriptions or charges? I was searching for the answers to these questions in 2013 when I found Karatbars International.
Karatbars have one single goal.. To bring affordable 24kt gold to the masses and since 2011 that is what they have been doing.
No other company can supply the same grade of gold with the same security features at a better price. (From €7 – £6 – $8)
In 2017 Karatbars has released K-Exchange and Karatpay which will allow shops and businesses the opportunity to accept Karatbars cashgold for goods and services which will bring the company into the high street.

On a personal level Karatbars has completely transformed my life and the lives of thousands of people in 119 countries freeing them from debt and the fiat currency system.

In over twenty years in direct sales I have never worked with a more honest CEO, company and family of people. The products and compensation plan are unrivalled in the industry.

Making money is great….Making a global difference and being part of a revolution is what you also get with Karatbars.

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