Review by Brooke Kizaz on QSciences

I've gotta say, I'm surprised to see Q Sciences make it out of 2023 alive. I had Q Sciences on the top of my MLM dead pool list this year, especially after seeing such bad press on them in the back half of the year. They had an anemic convention in September, which I thought would have been the nail in the coffin, but they somehow managed to tread water through the end of 2023. I would put money on them not making it to their March convention in 2024. Hope they have a refundable deposit!

Q Sciences has taken legal action against former ambassadors, and mailed out mass collections notices a couple of days before the US Thanksgiving Day holiday. They have slimmed down their product line considerably, yet haven't introduced anything new. For those in the business, this is not a good sign. Their product person is no longer with the company, neither is the App and Web designer. I wonder why that would be?

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