Review by Bruce Jeffs on Dr Gobinthran Muniandy

Dr Gobinthran is a special being. He s a gifted healer, with a wide knowledge, compassionate and accurate in his diagnosis. He s fully competent and confident in asian traditional medicine and frequencies therapies. He would send Us an overall and precise scan of our weakest spots, so we can focus our awareness on them.
We re based in Ireland and he keeps an eye on Us from the other side of the planet, amazing
He gives Us suggestions based on Sujok, ayurvedic and energy therapies
i suffer of a progressive brain illness and he s been monitoring my health for the last 3 years, giving support and advice in weakening crises, due also to infections of different causes, viruses, bacterias and fungis
he guides Us in detoxifying processes and to look out for ailments and remedies

We re fortunate to know him and we recommend him to our beloved ones

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