Review by C.J. Dewberry on QSciences

I'm so grateful to Brandon & Judy for introducing Q Sciences to me b/c these products are truly the best decision for keeping my temple functioning to it's fullest capacity. I suffer from a traumatic brain injury & I feel my neurotransmitters are being stimulated everytime I put Q products in my body. Each day I'm always expecting some knew forms of brain wave functions that were unfortunately disrupted due to my accident. I like that feeling of eagerly waiting to see what the positive knew occurrence will be. I feel like something is missing if I don't take my Q Core & drink my Armor & now my Greens which is a new product. My body is expecting them daily! Q is so family oriented, placing focus on the entire family dynamic concerning everyones mental health as well as physical health & allowing the opportunity to receive financial support while doing it. Q Sciences is all around amazing!

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