Review by C Sikes on Melaleuca

Haven’t been sick with even a sniffle in years! Started taking Melaleuca’s vitamins 12 yrs ago. My Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at 81 yrs old. At the time he had been taking same vitamins for about 5 yrs. He lived until he was 86 and his doctors at Cleveland Clinic said they think the only reason he lived so long with this disease was due to the vitamins he was taking. Dad only showed signs of illness in his last few months. Thank you Melaleuca for keeping us all healthy and defying the odds when faced with illness.
Fifteen years ago my husband was diagnosed with CAD. We cut carbs and started a grain free lifestyle then eventually switched our vitamins to the Melaleuca brand. My husbands cardio doc was shocked during a recent heart study that showed he has actually had a substantial regression of plaque in his heart. Amazing results!

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