Review by Cari Darling Covell on LimeLife by Alcone

There isnt enough space to speak about this company and its products and CEO's. I have always been super self Concious about my skin/face because I have always had horrible acne. I had tried at least 10 of the other beauty companies in direct sales plus a ton of products from stores and every single product ended up making my skin worse. I had about given up until I came across LimeLife. Within a couple uses I already saw a huge difference. I became a beauty guide not long after that because I was in such awe. It's been 2 years now and I still am seeing improvements and the women that run this company are unlike any other. The truly love and appreciate all of us and are really working toward paving a new way! Self love, family and product quality come above all else and it's such an amazing thing to be apart of. If you haven't trekked tnedd products or you're looking for a company to join, Limelife by far is where you need to be, most people say their only regret is not starting sooner!!

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