Review by Carissa Rogers on Elomir

When I first tried the product I was a skeptic. Also because most products don’t work for me, but I put my skepticism aside & tried the product and in 5-10 min my discomfort, anxiousness, stress, brain fog, etc was gone. I felt like brain just turned ON after being shut off for YEARS! I’ve been PRAYING for a product like this. That has a VERY HIGH absorption rate & works within minutes with long term benefits. I didn’t want another “me too” product or another bandaid. It’s time to change the conversation and rip that bandaid off! FOR GOOD! After I was hooked on the product I started to learn more about the CEO and the opportunity. I was blown away at the integrity, attention to detail, her heart and Van’s vision. Mark my words this ONE product will impact millions of lives and it will be done fast! As far as the opportunity, let’s be real, the industry NEEDED a change! This is the change we needed & we prayed for, the change is here! & it’s with Elomir!

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