Review by Carla Marisa Santos on Leonor Faria

Leonor Faria, a leader who puts people's human side first and seeks to support with helpfulness, empathy and professionalism to achieve everyone's goals.

Leonor's support is effective because she teaches you how to fish, not gives you fish. In this way she makes you grow in a solid way and permit you to work well.

The fact that she speaks so much language (Portuguese, Spanish , English, Italian…) is a sign of his open-mindedness and inclusion.

The whole world will hear about her because she is charismatic and will achieve her goals and I just happy to be supported by her. It's easy and funny work with her, building our world team's.

If I think in an animal I would say Leonor is a dolphin. If I think in a color I would say orange and if I think in a flower I would say sunflowers because she is always towards the light .
Very easy to work with her. All the best Leonor Faria keep going you deserve it.

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