Review by Carol Kempsey Wylie on Young Living

It does not surprise me that Young Living consistently scores in the top 3 momentum rankings. They are the most ethical company in the business, and truly care about their Mission. What other multi-billion dollar company would self report violations they uncovered by their supplier, and work for years to take all the steps necessary to reimburse the growers and Country where the violations occurred, and willingly pay the fines for the transgressions they discovered? They then worked with the Government to develop the Lacey Act Compliance standard, so that other companies have a model to ensure compliance and sustainability. Their commitment to their customers, distributors, employees and our Earth has been proven beyond a doubt. Being the oldest, largest and most successful Essential Oil company, brings with it the responsibility to ensure those who follow can learn from their mistakes. Kudos to them, for continually focusing on the Big Picture. If you want to join this great company, I would love to teach you all about it. Find me at, or join my team at

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